Oxy Fuel Cutting – How It Works?

oxyBesides forge welding, Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding processes. Oxy fuel cutting & welding is a machine that uses oxygen as the primary fuel for cutting and welding of solid materials. It is also known as gas welding technique, which uses a torch to weld the metals. Welding is done when the two set of metals are kept and treated under extreme heat which gives a molten metal being shared amidst the two pieces into one. It also involves various other metals which is known as filler while it plays a major role when welding the objects. The oxy fuel cutting machine emits iron oxide flames which could easily heat the object with the high velocity temperature.

You all might have a question whether oxy fuel cutting could be used to cut any kind of metals, isn’t?

This type of cutting machine could not be used for cutting all type of metals. This could be used to cut metals under lower melting point. If this method is used to cut heavy metals that exceeds to highest melting point will result in crust and thereby the object results in damage.

This method could be used only by the professional engineers or trained people who have enough experience in cutting the objects. The trained professionals and engineers will know the fundamental procedures involved in cutting the object and they perform the job efficiently and quickly as possible.

Oxy fuel cutting involves the use of some gas that could preheat the flame and make the cutting process efficient. Acetylene gas is the basic and common type of gas used in the oxy fuel cutting process. Besides this, the propane, methyl acetylene, hydrogen, propylene, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are also used.

The oxy fuel cutting involves the cutting torch to cut and weld the objects. This type of torch is quite different when compared to the other welding torch. It includes 3 different pipes which could run with the torch. It contains a triggering operation which would be pulled and applies the oxygen force over the surface. The oxygen gas blends the chemicals for producing heat. This type of procedure is also called as oxidation and it is sometimes referred to combustion also.

People who are involved in the oxy fuel cutting must keep a few factors in mind to ensure that cutting is done efficiently:

Make sure that the supply of oxygen is perfect and streamlined. High flow of oxygen is not recommended instead a streamlined and steady flow of oxygen will result in perfect cutting of objects.

Do not reduce the level of oxygen flow, because it would jag and slow the cutting process. As a result, the output and end result will not be perfect like you expected.

Never increase the level of huge oxygen supply, because the gas goes waste and moreover it results in wide and concave cut.

Remember, the use of oxy fuel cutting will never give you precise and clean cutting result. Particularly if the metal remains very hard or rigid, then it is undoubtedly hard to score the nearest to perfection result like other machines do. However when electricity is not easily accessible or when the area itself is hard to access, these Oxy Machines are easier to transport.

All About Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines

Oxy fuel cutting is a procedure which uses oxygen gas for cutting metal sheets made out of steel and aluminum. The pure oxygen when exposed the metal sheet will produce iron oxide gas. It makes use of flames to heat the steel to some extent for cutting the steel or metal sheet. Water jet cutting that work under this mechanism is called as oxy fuel cutting machine. Generally the oxy fuel cutting involves high temperature and high velocity oxygen gas for cutting the sheets. The nozzle will exit the ionized gas which is sufficient to melt and cut the material.

oxy2 Oxy fuel cutting machines are categorized into various types and a few of them will include: plasma cutting, profile cutting machines, shape cutting machines and man more. Besides cutting metal sheets, the oxy fuel machines can even cut electric conductive metals such as brass, aluminum and more such as a glass and stone. You can cut any thickness of that material with the help of oxy fuel cutting machine in various shapes and sizes such as rectangle, triangle, square, flanges and even more intricate designs . This cutting machine could be used anywhere never mind whether your workshop involves small-scale or large-scale cutting work.

Large-scale industries and manufacturing unit that takes in-charge to produce huge range of cutting plates will make use of the heavy duty cutting machine, as it completes the job very quickly as possible. With the help of these cutting machines, you can cut metal places of various size and thickness measuring around 5mm – 200mm and obtainin accurate and exact dimensional cutting. CNC oxy fuel cutting machines are completely automated and logically programmed that works with the PLC controller. This helps in cutting operations more effective as the program instructs every further procedure involved throughout the cutting process.

There are several types of oxy fuel machines available and each of them is significant in their quality and benefits. You can pick the ideal choice of machine that matches your needs and demands. Now let’s take a look on the various types of oxy fuel cutting machines in detail:

• First is the portable oxy fuel cutting machine. This type of machine is more likely used to cut the light weight objects and it is most commonly used in factories. The portable machines are now available with clean machine mechanism that ensures quick and high speed cutting. They can effectively cut the alloy and other mild steel materials too.
• Next is the shape oxy fuel cutting machine that lets you to cut materials of irregular shape. With this type of machine, you can cut any kind of metal in precise and exact shape like hexagons, rectangles, circles and more. There are many portable cutting machines that come with various cutting capacities to cutting the metals in different thickness and length matching your requirement.

Remember, the oxy fuel cutting is not recommended to cut stainless steel or aluminum plates as it doesn’t remains efficient in its performance. For cutting these aluminum and stainless steel plates, you can choose the plasma cutting machines to get the job done easily and effectively.

Oxy Fuel Cutting – What Is It?

Cutting is one of the significant and primary process that is carried out in heavy duty operation and industries. Like welding, the cutting process also involves your effort and takes time to get the work done. Cutting should be done precisely, neatly and accurately in order to get the best and finest finishing. Whenever cutting a solid component or metal piece, you need to use a cutter that is as firm, hard and efficient to cut the element clearly without leaving any cracks or damages. On the other hand, the metal sheets that come with less thickness should be handles carefully in order to get the end result with perfection. Considering all these reasons, it is important and essential to get proper cutting machine that could do every job easily and perfectly. There are plenty of cutting machines available, however oxy fuel cutting machine is the best and the latest introduced machine type.

oxycOxy fuel cutting is the latest designed machine that uses oxygen for cutting the hard metal sheets either designed out of steel or other elements. There arises a reaction when oxygen get exposed to steel, the iron oxide rises out. This process will take place with the use of fire while it heats the steel perfectly at high temperature. The exact ratio of 1800F is used where the pure oxygen form is used in the cutting machine. This results a streamlined flow and the reaction helps to get a polished cut without any damages or scratches around. Oxy fuel machine is just a metal cutting mechanism which works with oxygen as its primary fuel. Remember, this type of machines acquires high velocity and high temperature of oxygen that is released while heating.

The ionized oxy gas devolving out of the nozzle will help to cut the metal sheets perfectly without any scrap or fragment around. Any cutting carried out with the oxy fuel cutting machines result with extraordinary perfection and hence the reason most of the technicians and engineers prefer using this machine in their workshop. When it comes to selecting the oxy machine, you have several models and options to choose from. Every oxy machine introduced has its own specialty and significance. Among the different oxy fuel cutting machine, some of them are stated here:

o Portable or Plasma cutting equipment
o Shape cutting machines
o Profile cutting machines

Many people have a misconception that the oxy fuel cutting machines are just designed to cut steel. This is completely wrong! The oxy machine is used to cut electrically conductive metals like brass and aluminium too. Since the oxy machines are known for its perfection and intactness, it is most likely called as the shape cutting machines. With the cutting machines, you can cut the object into various shapes and dimensions such as flanges, straight, rectangle, circular and more. It gives you the complete privilege to handle the device for cutting the objects with complete perfection. You don’t have to worry about the object being scratched or chipped, because the oxy fuel cutting machine gives a first class look even after it is cut.